Capture Your Sexy offers a simple way to connect with potential clients in your current area, allowing you to take a step back from marketing your business so you can focus on your service and or products. Modern, simple, and easy to use, Capture Your Sexy offers a way to bring in new clients without the headaches.

1. Submit Your Listing

The problem with most listing directories, while highly functional, they aren’t very pretty. You need a beautiful looking directory to match your beautiful photography which is where Capture Your Sexy comes in.

Submitting a listing to Capture Your Sexy is super easy, we’ve made entering the address of your business location a breeze thanks to our integration with Google. Google will auto-complete the listing address.

You can upload your best images to showcase on your listing page (you can add them at any time after submission as well!), show your business hours, what payment types you accept, & more! Don’t worry though what you initially submit isn’t permanent, you can edit your listing at any time once published!

2. Get More Accurate Leads

You can add tags & categories to your listing, the client can filter & key in on listings based on the tags they have chosen which will mean if your business matches their filters, there is an extremely high chance they will message you. 

There may be many other listing directories out there but none are as focused on intimate photography as Capture Your Sexy. With Capture Your Sexy, your clients know exactly what they are here for.

Submit your listing today! It’s free!

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